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Nearly all my life I was accompanied by cats. When I was 11, my father agreed that I could have my first own cat. Her name was Mischka, a black cat from a nearby farmhouse.

In 1997 I visited my first catshow and was fascinated by the noble beauties. Short after that show I saw my first Norwegian cat and instantly fell in love with him. A week later Teddie moved into our home, he was white with long hair and had a pronounced lion's mane.


Teddie accompanied me for 7 years and when I separated from my husband, he took Teddie because I had to work again. We still have a very good relationship and so I can see Teddie from time to time.

After two years without cats, my life has changed quite a bit. My new partner in life is retired and has got plenty of time. A great chance to make my dreams come true. Breeding Cats. 

When we saw our first Somalis on a catshow we were fascinated and sure that this would be the race we wanted to breed.

After the first Somalis moved into our house in 2005 we knew that we never would regret it.


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